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Group 602


Kid's Hope

All children face challenges, but some hurdles are bigger than others, and sometimes kids need a little extra support to build resilience and hope. New Branches Charter Academy needs people willing to build positive, caring, one-on-one relationships with students, to walk alongside them as friends and cheerleaders. Mentors from The Well GR (supported by behind-the-scenes prayer partners) spend one hour per week talking, reading, playing, and listening to a child at school. Research shows that by helping a child feel loved and valued, the child can better learn, grow, and succeed. We have an amazing opportunity to impact our community directly each week by investing in the school right across the street. What a privilege it is to love our neighbors in this way!


Reach the Forgotten

Group 602

Jail Ministry is both an outreach within our local community and a mission field for men and women who are overlooked and even forgotten. We partner with Reach the Forgotten to hold worship services with those who are incarcerated! Our volunteers come with a zeal and passion to see God move in the local jail. Often the men and women we have church with have come to the end of themselves and are searching. As we worship through songs, we witness their hearts melt. God begins to move through a message full of hope and faith called the Good News. Lives that have become so hard from an array of wrong choices, as well as having been wronged by others, begin to give their hearts to Jesus as we lead them in prayer! Our hearts are to see lives changed forever more. This is your opportunity to be God's hand extended to many who are forgotten!



Group 602

We have a passion and a desire to make Christ known among the nations! We believe that there is a “Go” in the Gospel and we are committed to bringing his Good News to others who do not know Him.

Below are just a few of the missionaries we support & missions opportunities that we have:

Global Ministries & Relief

Together with a united ministry team, we are resolved to train one million students, not just student but world changers! In addition, to the online schools and programs, GMR has a flourishing prayer ministry and missions thrust where we are engaged in frontline evangelism, planting indigenous viable churches, and strategic relief projects such as supplying safe drinking water. We also assist with micro-businesses/projects, our goal being to see that every work becomes viable and self-sustaining. There are hundreds of areas untouched by the Gospel, and these are the places that you will find Global Ministries and Relief.

Tesoros de Dios

Reflecting God’s deep love for all of his people, Tesoros de Dios exists to promote the holistic development of children with disabilities in Nicaragua and strengthen partnerships with families, schools, churches, and communities. It is, the way you tell your story online can make all the difference.

Jubilee Centers International

Jubilee is focused on offering children and youth who live in poverty-stricken neighborhoods the opportunity to meet Christ and receive a transformative Christian education while also discipling the student’s entire family.

Joe & Maddie Kornoelje of Overland Missions - Serving in Zambia

Joe, Maddie serve as missionaries through Overland Missions in Chepeo, Zambia. They work to disciple the chiefdom of Chepeo and minister to children in the area through their Kids on Fire program.

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