We are inviting you to join us on an incredible journey of impact and growth!



The Well began in 2011 in Pastor Kathy El-Ali’s home. Within one year, we outgrew it and moved to sharing a space with another church. We quickly outgrew that space and in October 2014, we moved to our current space in the Bretwood Centre strip mall on the corner of Breton and 44th St. We are, again, outgrowing this space where we hold Sunday morning services, life-skill & ministry classes, and various family ministries.

We have loved our location and now have the opportunity to move into a new building in this area, expanding so that we are able to fully reach our community with the love of Jesus and provide a larger space for gathering, training and family ministry. One way we plan to expand our community outreach is by opening a life-skill center, where we will provide practical and hands-on training such as job-skill training, budgeting classes, healthy confrontation & communication workshops, and more! Our desire is to give people practical tools for thriving in family, finances and society.


Our vision is to see people healed in body, soul & spirit, families restored, people trained in practical life-skills and ministry, and the community transformed one person at a time. We believe that whole people create whole people, producing a positive effect on our community.

Please click on the video links to view testimonies from two such couples! These couples represent many people who have experienced healing and restoration and are transforming their community as a result. That is our greatest joy and purpose – to see individual people and their families healed, restored, trained, and then sent!



As of January 14th, our offer has been accepted for our new church building! The address is 3661 Poinsettia Ave. SE  Grand Rapids, MI 49508. There will be a closing process, including inspections, that will most likely go through mid-March. 


Thank you for joining us in this amazing project! Please consider helping in any way possible – through prayer, financial giving, donating time and/or supplies towards the demo and reconstruction, or passing this on to someone who would be able to contribute in some way. We are grateful for your generosity as we move forward into all that God has set before us!

Please choose “Building” Fund for your donation. Thank you for partnering with us!