Worship and Testimony

Join us as we come together corporately and declare God’s goodness over our lives. Testimony means “to do it again” and we proclaim testimonies to give God the honor and to encourage one another that breakthrough is available. As you listen, take time to think about the breakthrough you are believing God for in your own life, and invite him to “do it again” today.

Glory Series: From Faith to Trust

Our God hears; He is alive and He is the true and living God. He is the God of promise and fulfills those promises. He is alive and active today. In this message Pastor Kathy El-Ali delivers a powerful and encouraging message that will help you move from faith to trust. Take time to listen to this message and be encouraged and empowered to not only have faith but to live as one who believes.


The Glory of God

God calls us to be fruitful. Thankfulness unlocks fruitfulness in our lives. In this message, Pastor Kathy El-Ali reminds us of the powerful words that have been spoken over this church, and encourages us to repent and be ready to steward the increase God has for us. Take time to listen and get ready for the new season God is bringing our way!


Humility and Promotion

Your identity doesn’t come from where you sit at the table. When we are secure in our identity in God as beloved sons, we are able to walk in love, humility and honor in family. In this message, Max Johnson shares powerful truth on what it means to honor others and to walk in the favor of God. Take time to listen and seek to honor others in your life this week.


Get On the Field

Faith requires us to take risks. If you can accomplish everything on your own, then it isn’t really faith. God is calling us out from the sidelines onto the field and into a radical faith. In this message Pastor Kathy El-Ali teaches on the power of faith, and calls us to move from inactivity to action.



We are entering into a season of intensity and intentionality. In order to be prepared, we need to stay connected to the source, Jesus Christ.  Pastor Kathy El-Ali exhortation on the upside-down nature of the kingdom of God. When you give more, you receive more. When you go lower, you actually go higher.  Take time to listen to this powerful word and awaken to what God is doing in this season!


Family Series: Unity of the Spirit Part II

Unity does not gather around a purpose, but it gathers around the Spirit. God organizes the local body with gifts and offices in order to uplift, build, and bring each member into maturity. When each person operates from a place of health, it makes the whole family healthy. In this message, Pastor Kathy El-Ali teaches on the unity of the spirit, encouraging us to set aside shame and all the attacks of the enemy in order to walk in true freedom and healthy family.


Family Series: Unity of the Spirit Part I

Pastor Kathy gives a dynamic message on what true unity looks like in the body of Christ. She teaches out of Genesis 11 about the Tower of Babel. False unity is when people come together for a purpose without the presence and direction of God, even if the purpose is godly. True unity is when people gather together serving His purpose with His presence on the vision. Unless the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain who build it.


The Presence in Signs and Wonders

God demonstrates his presence in signs, wonders, and miracles. Moses experienced the glory and presence of God, and God was with him to deliver the Israelites from the hand of Egypt. Just as God was with Moses, so is he with us still today. In this message Pastor Kathy El-Ali challenges us to walk in God’s presence, demonstrating His power through signs, wonders, and miracles. There is nothing better than God’s presence!