20/20 Series Part 3: Executive Leaders Panel

Matthew Fuller interviews our Executive Leadership Team as they share their personal experiences of how the vision of The Well has impacted their lives. Learn from a variety of topics, including healing in community, living beyond our circumstances, celebrating the breakthroughs of others, removing shame, living without offense, and more. 

Jason Groth, Max Johnson, Jennifer Reil

20/20 Series Part 2: Purpose

You were created for a purpose that's bigger than you! God had a vision and purpose for each of our lives before the foundation of the world. Kathy Scott shares how to discover our dreams and passions, and how to remain single focused in the process. When God gives us a dream, the journey toward it often looks different than what we expected and she offers valuable lessons for allowing God to mold our character so that we can steward our purpose.

Intentional Living: What's Your Why?

Listen as Kathy Scott shares helpful tools for discovering our "why" in life Knowing our why allows us to focus on our purpose and the people around us, rather than ourselves. When we are passionate about our core values, then we can walk in confidence and peace. Be empowered as you pursue your vision and watch as resources begin to come to you!


What does it look like to face situations bigger than ourselves in a godly way? When we look in the mirror and only see abilities, we limit what we believe God can do. We can align ourselves with the will of God, and move with confidence towards the vision God has given us. Take time to listen to this powerful message, and begin taking the practical steps towards the amazing calling God has on your life.