Send Series Part 3: God of Justice

Jesus is the giant interrupter in history who brings justice all across the earth. Jennifer Reil teaches about the seeds that have been sown throughout our American history - the good and the bad and how we see the fruit of both in our nation. Learn from the stories of Jonah and Paul about what it looks like to partner with God for healing in our land. Discover how to heal from the pain and wounds of the past in order to move forward!

Teach Them to Go

We have a hope inside of us, an anchor within us - the Spirit of God living inside of us! Are we willing to put everything aside and pursue Jesus? Kathy El-Ali shares that it's time to go and do the work of the ministry with all that God has given us. Discover how to stay filled up with the Spirit on a consistent basis, how to keep the fire burning in our relationship with Jesus, and how to respond to God's call for us to make disciples. 

Resurrection Sunday: Pure Undefiled Love

He is risen! Kathy Scott teaches on the power of Jesus' love and resurrection. Discover how to trust Jesus to remove the big stones in our lives that we can't move on our own strength and how to fix our eyes on the unseen. We are alive today to share Jesus Christ boldly with people and allow God to bring the increase!