renwed mind

Foundation Series Part 2: Unlimited Access


Matthew Fuller continues our Foundations Series by teaching on God's unlimited nature. God is a God of abundance and He has invited us to release heaven on earth.  Discover how to abandon victim mentalities of lack in order to freely celebrate people, rejoice in their successes, and lift them up higher than ourselves.

The Renewed Mind

Real spiritual warfare is believing the truth of who God is and who He says we are. With this revival, God is bringing first a renewing of the mind so that we can more fully experience Him. As we climb to the high places to tear strongholds in our mind, it requires work and diligence. Learn what it looks like to replace lies in our mind with truth and how to bring our mind into submission to Christ. Allow God to show you an even clearer picture of who He is and experience His affection for you today.

Your True Identity Part 1

We can only know ourselves by the measure that we know the character of Father God! We need to renew our minds to see God as He truly is in order to know who we are and whose we are. Listen and receive a deeper understanding of what it looks like to walk as a qualified and valuable son instead of an orphan.