Manger to Majesty Part 1: Intimacy

When we hear words of inadequacy, we're listening to the wrong voice. Condemnation is not for us. Kathy Scott teaches on Esther's posture of obedience and trust that empowered her to do great acts of courage that shifted an entire culture. Are you in need of an increase of faith? Discover how faith is strengthened when we believe Jesus' word and walk in relationship with Him.


The King and His Kingdom

As citizens of the Kingdom, God has entrusted us with carrying out His values, laws, and realities here on the earth. He has empowered us to demonstrate His Kingdom and to live in expectant faith for God to move. Learn what it looks like for the Kingdom of heaven to invade every relationship in your life and discover how loving people can disciple them into a place of belief.

Outreach Series: The Commissioning

Jesus always ushered people into deeper relationship through everything that He did and taught. Our focus when reaching out to the people is to grow in relationship with them, to communicate that they are valuable, and to be a true expression of Love. Get activated in living a life of love and service for the sake of others! Also, enjoy the powerful moment during worship where God's love and power broke out. A shift has begun. 

Miracles are Mandatory

One mark of a believer is the ability to do impossible things through the power of King Jesus. It is the power of a miraculous God that invites us to deeper relationship with God and invites the environment of heaven to Earth.  We pray that through this message you will experience the words of Jesus proclaiming that you will do greater works than him. Step out in faith today and see the mighty ways God will show up in your life and the lives of other around you.

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