Teach Them to Go

We have a hope inside of us, an anchor within us - the Spirit of God living inside of us! Are we willing to put everything aside and pursue Jesus? Kathy El-Ali shares that it's time to go and do the work of the ministry with all that God has given us. Discover how to stay filled up with the Spirit on a consistent basis, how to keep the fire burning in our relationship with Jesus, and how to respond to God's call for us to make disciples. 

The King and His Kingdom

As citizens of the Kingdom, God has entrusted us with carrying out His values, laws, and realities here on the earth. He has empowered us to demonstrate His Kingdom and to live in expectant faith for God to move. Learn what it looks like for the Kingdom of heaven to invade every relationship in your life and discover how loving people can disciple them into a place of belief.

BURN Conference: Session 3

Experiencing true healing and change is rooted in experiencing the presence of God. We love God's presence in our own life, and this message contagiously spreads that passion. If you are in need of a fresh touch from God or have never experienced His presence, you are not going to want to miss this message. 

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