Authority in Motion

God has given us His authority to represent Jesus on the earth. When we choose to believe that He trusts us then we can step out, take risks, and use our God-given authority to push back darkness. Learn how to live with authenticity and boldness in order to invite those around us into true belief, and how to take ownership of your life in order to partner with God!

Where Do We Go From Here

After receiving an impartation or revelation, it becomes our responsibility to learn how to walk in it and how to apply it to every area of our life. This message by Kathy Scott reveals what it looks like to walk with God in the midst of our process. Knowing the character of God is what enables us to know who we are because our identity is hidden in Christ. Our struggles, weaknesses, and waiting periods are opportunities to trust God - He is always faithful to bring increase.

Miracles are Mandatory

One mark of a believer is the ability to do impossible things through the power of King Jesus. It is the power of a miraculous God that invites us to deeper relationship with God and invites the environment of heaven to Earth.  We pray that through this message you will experience the words of Jesus proclaiming that you will do greater works than him. Step out in faith today and see the mighty ways God will show up in your life and the lives of other around you.

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