Palm Sunday: The Triumphal Entry

Matthew Fuller shares how Jesus' entrance changes everything. His Presence is paramount in our lives in order for us to walk in what He has called us to. The Presence of God initiates worship in our lives and causes us to see Jesus for who He really is. Discover what it means that God releases favor on that which carries His glory and how to glorify God with the favor He gives.

Train Series Part 1: Eternity In Our Hearts

Kathy Scott begins our Train Series by teaching how to relentlessly and passionately pursue the things of the Kingdom. Our faith isn't meant just for now, it's meant for all of eternity; our reward is stored up in heaven, not on earth. Discover how to live with the reality of eternity in our hearts and how to steward what God has given us so that we can live a life that is pleasing to Him.

Restore Series Part 4: Living With Peace

Kathy Scott continues our Restore Series with how to live with the Prince of Peace in the midst of trials, transitions, and change. Even in the midst of storms, we can hold onto the peace that God has for us. Discover how peace is grounded in the soil of trust, and how to form trust in God even in a fast-paced world. Jesus is perfect peace!

Intentional Living: What's Your Why?

Listen as Kathy Scott shares helpful tools for discovering our "why" in life Knowing our why allows us to focus on our purpose and the people around us, rather than ourselves. When we are passionate about our core values, then we can walk in confidence and peace. Be empowered as you pursue your vision and watch as resources begin to come to you!