A Time to Love

Pastor Kathy & Ahmad have returned from their honeymoon! They shared their story of love and pursuit and how relationships grow stronger over ti

me with effort, sacrifice + discipline. Learn what it looks like to honor and value people, as well as put the needs of another before our own. Be encouraged in your walk with God not to grow familiar with Him but to continue strengthening your relationship. 

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Train Series Part 1: Eternity In Our Hearts

Kathy Scott begins our Train Series by teaching how to relentlessly and passionately pursue the things of the Kingdom. Our faith isn't meant just for now, it's meant for all of eternity; our reward is stored up in heaven, not on earth. Discover how to live with the reality of eternity in our hearts and how to steward what God has given us so that we can live a life that is pleasing to Him.

Restore Series Part 4: Living With Peace

Kathy Scott continues our Restore Series with how to live with the Prince of Peace in the midst of trials, transitions, and change. Even in the midst of storms, we can hold onto the peace that God has for us. Discover how peace is grounded in the soil of trust, and how to form trust in God even in a fast-paced world. Jesus is perfect peace!

Women at Risk, International

Becky McDonald, President of Women at Risk (WAR) International, shares about the work that WAR is doing to rescue and to empower at-risk women and children. Receive a deeper revelation of the Father's heart to set captives free and to bring the Light of the world into dark places. Allow God to speak to your heart for how each of us can become a part of ending human trafficking. To learn more about WAR, visit

Freedom Series Part 3: Community

Jesus calls us into relationship with Him and with people. God is invested in restoring family because He wants us to experience the real love that comes with community. Matthew Fuller shares how to walk in community by preferring others above ourselves, trusting the love of other people, and purposing to give love away without demanding anything in return. Be encouraged to invite people into your life and your story in order to experience transformation and freedom in your own identity. 

Freedom Series Part 2: Identity

We walk out our freedom by continuing to abide in and stay connected to Jesus. Our identity is established as we walk with God because we become like those that we spend time with. While the enemy tries to convince us that we’ll never measure up, God invites us into relationship to receive His love in the midst of our growth. Learn what it looks like to be secure in the unique identity that God has given you and how to cultivate true connection with people. 

Freedom Series Part 1: Living a Shame Free Life

To live in freedom, we need to shift our thinking to see the way God sees and to believe that we are fully accepted by the Father. In this first message of the Freedom Series, discover what it looks like to keep a clean hear filter in order to love well, to receive forgiveness and continue moving forward, and to cultivate trust and vulnerability in our relationships. 

All For Love

God is still choosing you. Jesus died in order for intimacy with the Father to be restored and He chooses us again every day to be in relationship with Him. Discover the reality of the Kingdom through testimonies from Madagascar of God’s love and miraculous transformations. Melanie Reed is our missionary with Iris Global in Antananarivo, Madagascar and serves on a team of people caring for 135 children. 

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Love Encounters

The Bible is filled with love encounters. God has created us for love and deep intimacy with Him. Jennifer Reil explores several romance stories from the Old Testament and compares them to the story of Jesus with the woman at the well. Discover what it looks like to encounter the love of Jesus and then to share our stories with the people around us. 

Foundations of Ministry

You were created for the work of the Kingdom! Build your foundation on love, the Word of God, and prayer in order to be mature in the Lord. Hear updates from Pastor Oleg Kunin's ministry work around the world and hear His heart for building up God's people. We are all called to live lives that draw all people to Jesus.

Outreach Series: The Commissioning

Jesus always ushered people into deeper relationship through everything that He did and taught. Our focus when reaching out to the people is to grow in relationship with them, to communicate that they are valuable, and to be a true expression of Love. Get activated in living a life of love and service for the sake of others! Also, enjoy the powerful moment during worship where God's love and power broke out. A shift has begun. 

Resurrection Sunday

Kathy Scott teaches on the resurrection story and the power of Jesus' victory! In life, God takes what seems like an ending and turns it into a new beginning. Jesus gives hope to us in every life circumstance. Today is a day of God speaking to what is dead or dormant in our lives and bringing it to life!

BURN Conference: Session 4 (Part 2)


God is up to amazing things in our world and in the Church. The Father's heart is so ignited for us. This message communicates the Father's heart in a transformational way. Listen and allow God to activate your calling and gifts that He has placed within you. 

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BURN Conference: Session 4 (Part 1)

God is up to amazing things in our world and in the Church. The Father's heart is so ignited for us. This message communicates the Father's heart in a transformational way. Listen and allow God to activate your calling and gifts that He has placed within you. 



Honor creates a culture that empowers others and increases our awareness of God's presence. When we choose to honor those around us, we call the gold out, and recognize the unique person and gifting that God created them to be. Honor moves people into their calling and destiny. Take time to listen to this powerful message, and practice the value of honor with those around you today!