Train Series Part 1: Eternity In Our Hearts

Kathy Scott begins our Train Series by teaching how to relentlessly and passionately pursue the things of the Kingdom. Our faith isn't meant just for now, it's meant for all of eternity; our reward is stored up in heaven, not on earth. Discover how to live with the reality of eternity in our hearts and how to steward what God has given us so that we can live a life that is pleasing to Him.

Manger to Majesty Part 1: Intimacy

When we hear words of inadequacy, we're listening to the wrong voice. Condemnation is not for us. Kathy Scott teaches on Esther's posture of obedience and trust that empowered her to do great acts of courage that shifted an entire culture. Are you in need of an increase of faith? Discover how faith is strengthened when we believe Jesus' word and walk in relationship with Him.


Trust that Transforms

Faith and trust look different. We can have faith and make declarations about our life and situations. Trust is being able to walk in faith through the situations that are hard and difficult knowing God is always with you. This message will encourage you and push you to continue seeking God even during the difficult season of life. 

Outreach Series: Take A Risk

God speaks, are you listening? Maybe you have been wondering what it looks like to hear God speak and have struggled to take the risk to step out and minister to someone around you. Take a moment to listen to this message of other Jesus followers sharing their story of stepping out in faith, and be encouraged that you can do the same. Take a risk and try it!


What does it look like to face situations bigger than ourselves in a godly way? When we look in the mirror and only see abilities, we limit what we believe God can do. We can align ourselves with the will of God, and move with confidence towards the vision God has given us. Take time to listen to this powerful message, and begin taking the practical steps towards the amazing calling God has on your life.