Kathy Scott

Resurrection Sunday: Pure Undefiled Love

He is risen! Kathy Scott teaches on the power of Jesus' love and resurrection. Discover how to trust Jesus to remove the big stones in our lives that we can't move on our own strength and how to fix our eyes on the unseen. We are alive today to share Jesus Christ boldly with people and allow God to bring the increase!

Train Series Part 1: Eternity In Our Hearts

Kathy Scott begins our Train Series by teaching how to relentlessly and passionately pursue the things of the Kingdom. Our faith isn't meant just for now, it's meant for all of eternity; our reward is stored up in heaven, not on earth. Discover how to live with the reality of eternity in our hearts and how to steward what God has given us so that we can live a life that is pleasing to Him.

20/20 Series Part 2: Purpose

You were created for a purpose that's bigger than you! God had a vision and purpose for each of our lives before the foundation of the world. Kathy Scott shares how to discover our dreams and passions, and how to remain single focused in the process. When God gives us a dream, the journey toward it often looks different than what we expected and she offers valuable lessons for allowing God to mold our character so that we can steward our purpose.

Manger to Majesty Part 1: Intimacy

When we hear words of inadequacy, we're listening to the wrong voice. Condemnation is not for us. Kathy Scott teaches on Esther's posture of obedience and trust that empowered her to do great acts of courage that shifted an entire culture. Are you in need of an increase of faith? Discover how faith is strengthened when we believe Jesus' word and walk in relationship with Him.


Freedom Series Part 4: Never the Same

In the final message of our Freedom Series, Kathy Scott teaches on the significance of personal encounters with God and seasons of preparation that launch us into our destiny. When we approach our King, we can come with boldness and without performance to receive from Him. Learn from the story of Esther about walking in favor and authority for the purpose of bringing reconciliation and freedom to the people around us. 

Freedom Series Part 2: Identity

We walk out our freedom by continuing to abide in and stay connected to Jesus. Our identity is established as we walk with God because we become like those that we spend time with. While the enemy tries to convince us that we’ll never measure up, God invites us into relationship to receive His love in the midst of our growth. Learn what it looks like to be secure in the unique identity that God has given you and how to cultivate true connection with people. 

Freedom Series Part 1: Living a Shame Free Life

To live in freedom, we need to shift our thinking to see the way God sees and to believe that we are fully accepted by the Father. In this first message of the Freedom Series, discover what it looks like to keep a clean hear filter in order to love well, to receive forgiveness and continue moving forward, and to cultivate trust and vulnerability in our relationships. 

Where Do We Go From Here

After receiving an impartation or revelation, it becomes our responsibility to learn how to walk in it and how to apply it to every area of our life. This message by Kathy Scott reveals what it looks like to walk with God in the midst of our process. Knowing the character of God is what enables us to know who we are because our identity is hidden in Christ. Our struggles, weaknesses, and waiting periods are opportunities to trust God - He is always faithful to bring increase.

The Process

As we serve and put our hands to the opportunities in front of us, then our God-given purpose unfolds! God may show us the end of a story right at the beginning, and so it is our privilege to enjoy the journey until we see His promise fulfilled. Learn to embrace hardships and depend on God in the areas that you feel weak, because that allows God to produce real fruit in and through your life. 

Your True Identity Part 1

We can only know ourselves by the measure that we know the character of Father God! We need to renew our minds to see God as He truly is in order to know who we are and whose we are. Listen and receive a deeper understanding of what it looks like to walk as a qualified and valuable son instead of an orphan. 

Trust that Transforms

Faith and trust look different. We can have faith and make declarations about our life and situations. Trust is being able to walk in faith through the situations that are hard and difficult knowing God is always with you. This message will encourage you and push you to continue seeking God even during the difficult season of life.