Kathy El-Ali

Reign Series Part 1: From Slavery to Lordship to Friendship

Pastor Kathy begins the Reign Series by talking about what friendship with God is and how we can grow in it. There's nothing we can do to make Him love us more, but there's something we can do to grow in intimacy. Will you follow His lead into a new level of maturity?


Foundation Series Part 1: Honor

Kathy El-Ali kicks off our Foundations Series by teaching on honor. Discover how to invest in the lives of other people without needing credit and how to embrace people's differences. Learn the skills of having godly confrontations and living free from jealousy. Begin to exude the level of honor that empowers others to be powerful!

Teach Them to Go

We have a hope inside of us, an anchor within us - the Spirit of God living inside of us! Are we willing to put everything aside and pursue Jesus? Kathy El-Ali shares that it's time to go and do the work of the ministry with all that God has given us. Discover how to stay filled up with the Spirit on a consistent basis, how to keep the fire burning in our relationship with Jesus, and how to respond to God's call for us to make disciples. 

A Time to Love

Pastor Kathy & Ahmad have returned from their honeymoon! They shared their story of love and pursuit and how relationships grow stronger over ti

me with effort, sacrifice + discipline. Learn what it looks like to honor and value people, as well as put the needs of another before our own. Be encouraged in your walk with God not to grow familiar with Him but to continue strengthening your relationship. 

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