Foundation Series Part 2: Unlimited Access


Matthew Fuller continues our Foundations Series by teaching on God's unlimited nature. God is a God of abundance and He has invited us to release heaven on earth.  Discover how to abandon victim mentalities of lack in order to freely celebrate people, rejoice in their successes, and lift them up higher than ourselves.

Foundation Series Part 1: Honor

Kathy El-Ali kicks off our Foundations Series by teaching on honor. Discover how to invest in the lives of other people without needing credit and how to embrace people's differences. Learn the skills of having godly confrontations and living free from jealousy. Begin to exude the level of honor that empowers others to be powerful!


Honor creates a culture that empowers others and increases our awareness of God's presence. When we choose to honor those around us, we call the gold out, and recognize the unique person and gifting that God created them to be. Honor moves people into their calling and destiny. Take time to listen to this powerful message, and practice the value of honor with those around you today!