Receiving Mantles

Jamie Galloway shares a powerful word on God releasing mantles and how we can position ourselves to embrace them. Our salvation in Jesus is just the beginning of the life God has for us. As we walk in honor, sacrifice and hunger for more of God, we will grow in authority and walk in our full destiny as believers.

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Resurgence means rising, tending to rise again, recover, renew, and re-awaken. In this message, Apostle Kathy shares the now word of the Lord that resurgence is coming to the body and that His people are being re-awakened to destiny. This is a call to maturity. Get ready to have mindsets broken as you listen to this message!


Every Member Mobilization

In this message, Apostle Kathy shares the importance of every member mobilization. She exhorts each person to take responsibility to hear the voice of God and obey what He is saying to impact their sphere of influence. We are ordinary people that God has called to do extraordinary things. Learn to hear the voice of the Lord for yourselves and be quick to obey what He is saying to impact your community for the glory of God!


Freedom in Forgiveness

Forgiveness has the power to unlock freedom for ourselves and for those who we need to forgive. In this message, Apostle Kathy gives a charge to extend forgiveness and mercy to those who have hurt us. There is a grace released to walk in forgiveness and to choose mercy over judgment. Experience the power and presence of God as you listen to this message and choose to forgive!


New Perspective

God is shifting our perspectives and replacing orphan mentalities with sonship. We often don’t even realize we have a faulty perspective, but if we will humble ourselves and heed the voice of God and others, God can heal our lives and transform our minds. Take time to listen to this message from Pastor Matthew, and receive a word of hope

for a new day.

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Tending the Garden of Our Hearts

As we go through life, weeds can creep up in our hearts without us even realizing it. Jennifer Reil encourages us to continually bring our whole heart before God and invite Him to show us the areas that need to be uprooted. We can be totally secure in our identity in God and His love for us, as we partner with Holy Spirit to remove anything hindering His abundant life for us.


New Wineskins for Breakthrough

In this powerful service, there was breakthrough and fresh grace released for this season we are in. Pastor Matthew gave prophetic insight into the new wine skins God is developing in us to hold the new wine He is pouring out. We may be in a place of pressing, but just like with Joseph, God is calling us to rise up in the midst of our prisons, because there is new wine He has for us.

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Soul Series Part 2

In this message, Apostle Kathy shares about the importance of intentionally renewing your mind. She provides tools for how to slow down, displace negative and toxic thoughts, and replace them with kingdom thoughts from a place of peace. Be expectant to walk away with hope and tools to change the way you think!


Prayer Series: The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is our comforter, counselor, advocate, guide, and so much more. He is more than a source of power, He is a person. In this message, Apostle Kathy challenges us to develop true connection with Holy Spirit and allow Him into every area of our lives. Take time to listen to this message and interact with the Holy Spirit.


Tending the Flame

God desires to move in revival and He is willing and eager to touch our hearts. Our responsibility is to tend the flame of revival that He deposits in us. In this message, Pastor Matthew exhorts us to pursue a life of holiness and to tend the flame of revival on our hearts. Listen to this powerful word and get ready to be transformed!


Communing with God

Connecting with God at all times is so important. Prayer is our connection to the Lord, and it is the way we share our heart with God and hear His heart. In this message, Apostle Kathy El-Ali shares with us a challenging word to grow in intimacy with God through prayer and to walk in boldness by speaking the truth in love.


Jesus, the Lamb of God

In this powerful Easter Sunday message, Apostle Kathy unpacks the significance of Jesus as the final sacrificial Lamb. Jesus came and shed His blood for all mankind. His blood didn't cover sin, it removed our sin completely. Take some time to reflect on the death and resurrection of Jesus and experience the power of His presence through this service!


The Sending

In this last service before moving to our new location, Apostle Kathy commissions the body for this next, new season that we are entering into. She connects the significance of Palm Sunday with what God is doing here and now and encourages us to wholeheartedly go after God and His kingdom.


First Love

In this message, Jennifer Reil teaches on the meaning of “The First Love” that is written in the book of Revelation to the church of Ephesus. She shares how God exhorted His people to do the things they did at first and return to their First Love. We, like the church of Ephesus, are in a pivotal time in which we are called to lay our lives down so that we may effectively reach others for the Kingdom.


The Word of Reconciliation

God has given us a ministry of reconciliation. When we prophecy to and encounter the people around us, we are called to speak their identity into reality. In this message, Pastor Matthew encourages us to be ambassadors for Christ, and to reveal God’s love to those around us. Take time to listen and share God’s love with others this week!

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Becoming Imitators

Part of establishing our identity happens by following people who demonstrate godly fruit in their life. As we follow others who are following Christ, we are able to see new facets of God we might miss otherwise. Take time to listen to this timely message by Apostle Kathy El-Ali and challenge yourself to confront orphan thinking in your own life.