Becoming Imitators

Part of establishing our identity happens by following people who demonstrate godly fruit in their life. As we follow others who are following Christ, we are able to see new facets of God we might miss otherwise. Take time to listen to this timely message by Apostle Kathy El-Ali and challenge yourself to confront orphan thinking in your own life.


Unity in Diversity

We are called to unity, not to uniformity. There is high value in diversity and the unique expression of Jesus coming through each and everyone of us. We have a part to play in the body of Christ. In this message, Pastor Matthew exhorts us to operate fully in our identity and gift mix to benefit the body of Christ and the world.

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Expansion Part II

The definition of expansion is to grow, to develop or to mature. Last week, Apostle Kathy shared 7 ways in which we as the body of Christ will grow or be stretched in this season. She unpacked the first two ways, which included increasing in maturity and increasing in faith. In this message, Apostle Kathy reveals the second two ways: increasing in authority and increasing in forgiveness. Listen to this teaching and prepare to be transformed. You will walk away with a new perspective and with grace to recognize and participate with God’s growth and expansion in your life.


Commissioning Service

We are so proud to announce that Pastor Kathy was commissioned as an Apostle in a celebratory service this Sunday by Apostle Barbara Yoder. Barbara brought biblical clarity into the true meaning of what it is to carry an apostolic anointing. She also brought revelation to what our role looks like as we, the church, are launched into this new apostolic era. 

Living in Intimacy

God designed us to live in authentic relationships that fight for intimacy. Knowing of someone is not the same as having an experiential knowledge of that person. We grow when we break past fear and truly allow another into our heart. Take time to listen to this message and challenge yourself this week to break fear and open your heart to others.

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Kingdom Culture: Shame Free Zone

In this message, Pastor Kathy El-Ali exposes the underlying root of shame that keeps people from walking in their divine destiny. She shares how shame causes God’s people to retreat in isolation and fear instead of walking in authenticity, transparency and vulnerability with one another. Listen to this message with an open heart and allow God to come and expose any areas of shame in your life so that you can live in the freedom that He has purchased for you today!


Kingdom Culture: Trusting God

We are in a time where we cannot grow weary while doing good. Sometimes life looks different and the fulfillment of the promises of God take longer than we anticipate. Trust allows us to operate from a place of rest and to embrace the journey without losing heart. In this prophetic message, Pastor Kathy El-Ali challenges us to keep moving forward and trust God along the way!


Kingdom Culture: Rogue Christianity

Understanding and living out the Christian faith often means embracing two seemingly opposite truths. God speaks to individual people, and yet God also calls people into community where they can experience accountability and correction. Honoring leadership and another's authority to speak truth into one's life is vital for maturity and growth. In this message Jennifer Reil highlights the tension between individual obedience to God's voice while still remaining accountable to community and leadership. Take time to listen and challenge yourself this New Year to invite trusted people into your life to help you grow and mature.


Christmas Service: God With Us

Did you know that Jesus fulfilled over 300 prophecies that were written about Him before His time? He was all God, but He was also flesh and blood. In this message, Pastor Kathy shares about how Jesus came to earth to give us life. He came to reveal His glory and wants to reveal to you that because He is good, you are good and qualified to live a life on display for Him.


Glory Series: Generational Blessings

We are in a time where God is turning the hearts of fathers to the children, and the hearts of children to the fathers. There is generational blessing available for those who are willing to receive from fathers and mothers and walk together in family. The key to this blessing is a repentant heart that is quick to forgive. Take time to listen to this powerful message from Matthew Fuller, and allow God to turn your heart towards the leaders He has placed in your life today.

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Worship and Testimony

Join us as we come together corporately and declare God’s goodness over our lives. Testimony means “to do it again” and we proclaim testimonies to give God the honor and to encourage one another that breakthrough is available. As you listen, take time to think about the breakthrough you are believing God for in your own life, and invite him to “do it again” today.

Glory Series: From Faith to Trust

Our God hears; He is alive and He is the true and living God. He is the God of promise and fulfills those promises. He is alive and active today. In this message Pastor Kathy El-Ali delivers a powerful and encouraging message that will help you move from faith to trust. Take time to listen to this message and be encouraged and empowered to not only have faith but to live as one who believes.